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It is clear that "soft patch" in economic performance in the spring of this year, so job growth is slowing, not accelerating. We believe that given what we know now, and the growth in jobs, the acceleration value, we believe that the recent weakness, in fact, hit the road ... The main issue, in our opinion, the lack of wage growth among those with work and for that job. Between the recession in the labor market, the power of negotiations between the workers and the combination of job creation (entertainment, restaurants and retail), on the edge of the range is limited, there was no significant increase in total national income . Greenhaus Dan Miller Tabak

And it seems there is a constant level of employment growth appears to have faded in May so difficult, non-farm payroll increase for the month, but this increase is actually a network of growing negative public opinion, ranging from 75,000 to 85,000 workers in the labor market on average per month. Employment growth (was?) And all that happens on the revenue and expenditure of the consumer, the end result will be an expense to throw, accounting for 70% of economic activity in Member questionable. Guy Lebas, Jenny Scott Montgomery

Get some soft patch withdrawal. These factors include the high oil prices earlier this year, due to the winter storms, floods and hurricanes in the spring, and shortness of Japan. Oil prices have already fallen nearly $ 100 a barrel, and the weather can only assume for normalization, and it seems that Japan has made significant progress in getting production back to the plan made until late summer / early autumn. Other long-term factors, including a reduction in the cost of state and local, as part of federal spending and drag the current low real estate commercial and residential properties. However, they can be sued by other factors that contribute to the structural weakness of economic growth, including less of the population / labor force growth and the slowdown in productivity growth, he said. Robert A.. Paint, and the> Palestinian National Council

, I'm concerned about the vulnerability of the "spirits", and the damage to the forces of the interim can be assumed that stopping the construction of optimism, which led to recovery in employment and investment by businesses and consumer spending the end of last year. I've read anecdotal information that the economy is large core of stability and can be retrieved quickly, but believe me worry. Stephen Stanley, effects Pierpoint

Appearance in the structure of the industry, particularly the salaries of the goods in 3000, with construction to add to the production of 2000 and wages in the sector increased by five thousand te reduce services, the main driver of growth in employment was in the last month, only 0.80000 wages, profits in business services (44,000), education and health (34,000), offset by weakness in the retail industry (-9,000) and leisure and hospitality (- 6000). The government wages also fell 29,000, exceeding our expectations (20,000) of the salaries of the state and municipalities, representing a reduction. 30 000 reduction in state and local wage pressures reflect the actual costs on state and local governments. Michael Yawning, Barclays Capital

And there is no way to lipstick on a pig, as follows: He was very weak employment report. And non-agricultural wages rose at a slower pace than in September last year, and in particular the salaries (83,000) sent in the smallest increase since June last year. This was one of the important factors for the sudden deterioration in April and May employment vibrator for sale. The reduction in late May 9000, after rising 64,000 in April,. This model confirms our view that the Easter holidays later than usual in order to raise the wages of April and is closely related to the withdrawal in May ... It is a sector that should be emphasized here, "leisure and hospitality." Following the creation of 132 jobs 0000 (44,000 per month) from January to April, and the sector lost jobs in May 6000 - the volatility of the monthly employment -50.000. Reasons may be very different from this: Families cut spending on entertainment and the arts, etc.. In light of rising gasoline prices, or not to the restaurant at the back of rising food prices to visit. - Damage Bandholz, Unicredit

And shaken confidence and a marked decrease in small and medium enterprises, which accounted for the majority of jobs in the last few months .. Under the title of the data as boring. Commodity producers mostly closed brake job, the producers of the 5000 killing of the salaries of employees. seasonal adjustments to the share represents the most likely employment growth in the sector of food and beverages, eliminate every trace of the retail employment of McDonald's, which may arise. The only real positives in the report, Recruitment companies, healthcare and business services fell slightly below the average, each for a period of three months and 40000 56000, respectively. Joseph Brusuelas, Bloomberg

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