Industrial Fishing and Climate Change

The Alaska fishing industry is directly affected by Global Warming.

When the scientists say "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" they are not saying, "Each day it will get warmer and warmer until we all die". That's not how it works.

They are saying that the AVERAGE TEMPERATURE OF THE PLANET is rising unnaturally by a few degrees a decade.

To humans that's not a big deal but on a planet-wide scale these seemingly tiny movements release GIGANTIC amounts of energy that RADICALLY alters the climates that we all must live in.

The climate's natural condition (and our weather) runs in patterns that mimic the normal seasons around the world. Therefore it will remain cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The climate change relates to the EXTREMES OF THAT COLD AND HEAT!

Records for such things as, say, EARLY KILLER TORNADOES are falling more and more and faster and faster each year.

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