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The 10 safest jobs in recession

By Mike Phinney

As unemployment rises to its highest mark in more than a decade, more and more of us are wondering how our work is safe.

If you are one of the 2.38m people out of work, and are unlikely to find the same type of work, a career change will be obliged to you.

Many of us, however, welcomes the opportunity to try something new. But who are the safest career choices at a time of economic downturn?

A recent report by the UK's largest recruitment company, Hays, has the answers. He outlined 10 areas which offer the greatest security in the current climate. It should also give you all the jobs there, hunters of need room for optimism.

1. Education

Children still need to go to school in a recession, and their number does not fall in line with economic output. Thus, teachers should have good job security during a recession. A massive shortage of science and mathematics teachers in the sector made a safe bet. New schools under construction are also given a boost to construction companies.

"Although manufacturing and services can always reduce the size of their workload decreases, the demand is not in school in times of recession there is less chance of shedding employees," says a carrier Word of the Institute for Employment Studies (IES).

"Because this is not to say that there is never room for cost reduction, but, he adds.

2. Health and welfare

As for education, at the request of physicians, social workers and health care is the same, regardless of economic conditions. And the government does not want to worsen unemployment by reducing employment in essential services. According to the Report on the labor market, the sector grew for the twelfth month of operation in June.

"This government is committed to keeping unemployment down and, consequently, health, education and social services continue to hire," said Michael Moran, CEO of Fairplace, an outplacement agency that helps employers to find jobs for redundant workers.

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3. Social and "green" housing

This sector requires accountants, builders and housing officers, as the government steps in place, the commitment to create affordable housing. Similarly, public funds are invested in projects that respect the environment - the mass of the Great Britain of the insulation of the housing stock has recently been proposed - as a way to stimulate the economy and reducing emissions carbon dioxide.

4. Accounting / finance directors / managers

In the wake of the financial crisis, closer monitoring of banks are on the agenda. These are some of the professionals whose services are most in demand in a recession, companies remove all obstacles to survive, or that the companies have not closed out or sold on.

"Accountants of insolvency skillset are very popular at the moment," says Moran, "that CFOs with experience in debt restructuring for companies in danger of violation of their agreements with donors .

Compliance / risk officers are another good example, he adds: "With the awareness that excessive risk-taking banks have - and therefore the wider economy - in their present difficulties, companies are intensifying their efforts to control transactions and potentially disastrous to comply with tighter regulations that the financial crisis that is. "

5. Internal audit

For the same reason, the internal auditors are in demand as companies try to reign in their spending. Hays added that this sector will be at the top when companies start hiring again.

6. Insurance

In times of recession, consumers are looking to protect themselves against challenges by increasing the amount of insurance coverage they purchase. This is accompanied by a sharp increase in requests for activity, much of which is fraudulent. Accordingly, there is a demand for employees throughout the sector: in particular in claims handling, underwriting and business development. Senior officials are also expected - good news for former employees is great.

7. Credit control and procurement

As companies, desperate to see the money flowing to the body, increasing focus on late payment of outstanding invoices, expertise in this area is highly sought. Similarly, with profit margins under pressure, improving the efficiency of the supply chain has seen the demand for the personnel responsible for procurement and contracts soar - both public and private.

8. Energy

Britain needs a new installment of power plants to replace aging nuclear plants and most polluting fossil fuel combustion facilities. If the construction does not start soon, the country should deal with failures in a few years. Those who get jobs as engineers, for example, work on these projects are likely until it is finished - and they often last several years.

9. IT

Specialists in information technology are highly sought after, "says Moran. "In general, the more specialized skills, the better," he said, "provided that it is a skill in demand. The fear of all the specialists is that the market moves and are at work. "

And, as in the examples above, the area in which you work is as important as the work you do. For example, one can have better job security working for the NHS in a bank.

10. The public transport projects

If you work for a contractor of a new road or rail, for example, you are in the private sector - but the money still comes from government, not the consumer. And yet, budgets tend to be distributed in advance. Thus, jobs of this kind tend to be safe - at least for the duration of the project.

May the government put more resources into this type of programmer to take the unused capacity in the economy that occurs in a recession.

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