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Alaska Job Finder is home to seek employment in Alaska. We are specialists in working Alaskan fishing industry, featuring works such as:

* Ratings jobs
* Canning factory jobs
* Processing of onshore and offshore work
* And aquaculture jobs.

Our website covers all the major fishing industry, including salmon, Halibut, herring, groundfish blackcod, and crab fishing job. We also include work on sports fishing charter boats and the Alaska fishing industry jobs support.

In addition to Alaska fishing jobs, we also specialize in this work in Alaska:

* Jobs Alaska oil industry
cruise ship employment *
land tour employment *
* Alaska filed and resort employment
* Alaska tourism jobs
* And many other great job in Alaska!

Alaska fishing industry

The fishing industry is Alaska's largest private sector employment and employs more than 56,600 people for summer seasonal employment during the year and added another 22,000 jobs indirectly with the states of Alaska. fishing industry in the state average of more than 11.2 billion dollars of revenue in the year and accounts for nearly 62 percent of the volume of fish and seafood landed in the United States. Approximately 57% of these jobs filled by nonresidents of the country. Many of them are students and other adults who spent a season or two in Alaska to get the big money, meet new friends and have a job, Alaska, Alaska fishing jobs, summer jobs photo experience life.
Why work a job in Alaska?

Excellent earning potential!
Free transportation often provided (from point of hire) *
Free or subsidized room and board *
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Alaska & events
Make new friends
Learn new skills
And much more!
* Benefits will vary by employer. Please confirm your assistance package before accepting the job.

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